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February 19 2016

Official Agent of Deno Compressors

We are proud to announce that our company is official representative of Deno Compressors.

Deno Compressors B.V. is a manufacturer of air compressors and a specialist in the field of marine applications for compressed air systems.

Deno Compressors have been designed and constructed since 1918 and thousands of compressors have been installed since then. An adequate stock of all components is maintained for all types, at all times. The price level of spare parts compares excellently with other manufacturers.

Deno starting air compressors have type approval of major classification societies. Inspection certificates for individual compressors are issued upon request.

Deno Compressors systems can be delivered custom made as a package creating an opportunity for saving space, time and installation costs.

Delivery Program:

Piston type starting air compressors:
Air- or water-cooled with a working pressure up to 40 bar and capacities up to 410 Nm3/hr.

Screw type compressors:
Air- or water-cooled, belt or direct driven with a working pressure up to 13 bar and capacities up to 3900 Nm³/hr.

Emergency Starting air compressors:
Diesel and manually driven starting air compressors

Breathing air compressors:
Portable and stationed units, air quality according NEN 12021, and according requirements of SOLAS.

Turn key compressor modules:
Skid built units, completely prepared for quick installation and start up. Standard units, as well as custom built units available.

Nitrogen Generators:
Capacity from 100Nm3/hr. up to 1600 Nm3/hr. Purity 95% and 98%.

Deno air auxiliaries:
• Control cabinets
• Air receivers
• Air reducer panels
• Dryers
• Filters
• Drain and separator systems